1 color Automatic Screen Printing Machine

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Machine Parameters:
1.Printing Speed Round: 4000pcs / hr Oval 5000pcs / hr
2.Printing Size: Round Diameter 20-100mm聽 Length 25-270mm
3.Printing Length: Oval Width 25-120mm聽 Length 25-270mm
4.Compressed Air:聽 0.6MPa
5.Lp Gas:0.15MPa
6.Dimension Unit: 1907脳1000脳1500mm
8.Power Unit 380VAC锛3-PHASE锛孶nit 6.5KVA
9.Test Table 220VAC锛1-PHASE锛0.2KVA

This multi-purpose fully-automatic polychromatic screen printer is applicable to print patterns on the surface of cylinders and oval cylindrical bottles. The colors can be either assorted or fixed by connecting a number of machines or separating machines to print so as to meet different customers鈥 needs to the most extent. The updated transmission design features being more stable, easier to switch to bottles of different shapes, and more flexible. Besides, its favorable price ratio will drive the product to be used by more and more small and medium-sized enterprises.

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