10color pad printing machine

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Print 10聽colors one time, excellet decorating results widely used in the field of toys, gifts .With conveyer worktable to supply high printing efficiency and Put 18 pcs objects to print. Coin Aluminium structure ensure more stabilization and long life. Opened聽 ink well and ink roller to supply ink for operation simply.

Packing:Wooden case
Standards Certificate:ISO9001-2000
Power Supply:110/220v 60/50Hz
Color Painted:Blue and Sliver
1.Max. plate size:100脳200 mm;
2.Max. worktable area:90脳125mm;
3.Max. printing speed:1200pcs/hr;
4.Colour number:10
5.Air consumption:330Litre/min(6bar);
6.Printing objects dimension:100脳140mm.
7.Conveyer stroke:125mm;

1.Total micro computer controlled operation;
2.Auto four digit counter built-in;
3.Ink covering by ink roller;
4.Fully Coin aluminium structure ensures sturdy and long life;
5.Printing speed adjustable to meet with different needs;
6.”Inking twice, printing once” to get better ink covering;

Machine Fittings:
1. Six 4″*6″ plates,
2. Six pads
3. Two聽blades

4. A tool box.

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