2030 automatic screen printing machine with hand

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Technical Data:


Printing size:200*300mm

Printing speed:2500pcs/hr

Machine weight:430kg

Machine size:1000*1150*1670mm


Machine power:2.2KW



This is a high speed and high precision automatic screen printing machine,using Taiwan mechanical CAM divider to set up a high speed rotary table,can be high-speed rotation without any vibration,artificial feeding,mechanical hand automatic feeding,automatic drying system. workpiece can be put in-out at the same time of printing, to reduce the time of equipment stopping.the max speed can be up to 2500 pcs/hr.


Products feature:

  1. high-speed CAM divider frame rotary table.
  2. Adopt Taiwan LSK linear guide to ensure high precision of the machine.
  3. Adjustable position table ,which can be adjusted by X and Y rotation direction,with adjustment precision up to 0.01mm.
  4. High strength and large flow vacuum tube adsorption.
  5. All kinds of ststionery ruler do not need to make fixtures,and quickly chang it.
  6. Printing speed:2500 pcs/hr.
  7. No printing without materials,no printing without products,save trouble fo printing screen .
  8. Manual feeding,automatic feeding and UV drying.
  9. PLC control panel,a variety of printing modes,easy to operate.
  10. All cast aluminum body,with metal baking paint on the surface.
  11. Left-right stroke adjustable,limit of Taiwan photoelectric switch.
  12. Blade/reink knife angle adjustable.
  13. The position of the frame can adjusted before and after,left and right,up and down.
  14. Equipment with Taiwan CEC oil pressure buffer to eliminate printing shock.
  15. The whole machine runs fast,stably ,no voice.
  16. Max printing area:200*300mm
  17. Left-right stroke:350mm
  18. Up-down stroke:100mm
  19. Disc area:600mm
  20. Max height of workpiece:50mm

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