3 Color Automatic Soft Tube Screen Printing Machine

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3 Colors Auto screen printer for Bottle’s Cap&soft tubes
Machine Parameter:
1.Printing Speed: 3000-3600pcs/hr
2.Product Printing size Range: Cap’s outter size:Φ15-Φ50mm Cap’s Height:25-220mm
3.Air Compressor:0.6-0.7MPa
4.Gas Pressure: 0.6MPa
5. Dimension: 2200X1980X2100mm
6. Power Supply: 380V 50HZ
7. Power Rate: 6KW

Machine Description:
Design for the round product without the fixed position, mainly printing the soft tubes, caps, circular bottles. Can accurated and precised printing 3 colors and chromatography.
This Machine is one of our newest creative and latest patented design of our fully automatic horizontal type screen printers with conveyors.
Transmission mainly used for high-speed precision intermittent segmentation combined with the standard cam, meanwhile realization of the precise point, to make machine more stable and reliable operation at up the speed to 3,600 pcs / hr.
Adopt international PLC control and the setting up of simple and efficient operation of the touch screen, and easily achieve human-machine dialogue, operating comes in handy.
UV curing adopts the PRIMARC UV curing system of our agency Company in the United Kingdom, in the event that guarantee the stability and performance of the energy savings, will be even more excellent curing effect.
No substrate no print, low-pressure alarm, waste / alarm wrong material, UV overheating alarm monitoring function.
Automatic loading and unloading system guarantees the continuity of printing, and avoid as much as possible in the printing process in the printing surface of the trauma of protection for the safe operation of operating personnel.
The machines could also be made combining with screen printing and hot stamping head for more higher printing quality requirements. We design equipment in according with the requirements of customers.

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