Aluminum Plate of Printing Machinery

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Pad Printing Aluminum Plate (绉诲嵃閾濈墖)

Advantage compared to the traditional thin steel plate:

1.Environmental protection :The LOGO can use laser machine to do directly,no need ething,so no ething not need acid use,to avoid produce harmful substances.

2.Pattern production is fast and the production difficulty is low.just can operation laser machine can produce the LOGO.


  1. 鐜繚锛屽仛鍥炬鐨勮繃绋嬩腑鍙渶婵鍏夋墦鏍囷紝涓嶇敤铓鍒伙紝浠庤岄伩鍏嶈殌鍒昏繃绋嬩腑浜х敓瀵圭幆澧冪殑鏈夊鐗╄川銆
  2. 鍥炬鍒朵綔蹇燂紝鍒朵綔闅惧害浣庛

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