auto 4 color bottle cap pad printing machine

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  1. the pad printing machine is special for bottle cap printing,adopted steps caterpillar track transmission system,equipped with auto loading,cap-pressing,corona treatment,printing ,dring,auto unloading and control panel controlling systems.
  2. Main components from Rexroth,Schneideer,SMC,Mitsubishi etc.other parts machined by CNC ddirectly from CAD.
  3. Ink plates could be adjusted by X/Y/R axises separately,quick tooling change over.
  4. Adopted with no object no printing system,auto counter,safety guard and faulty alarm device.
  5. Automatic loading,pre-treatment systems and auto hopper and other customizations due to order.


技术参数/technical data:

钢板尺寸 Plate size(mm) 100*150
速 度 Output(pcs/min) 130
用气压力 Air pressure(bar) 5-7
机体重量 Weight(kg) 750
机体尺寸 Dimensions(cm) 520L*135W*208H
功 率 power AC 220V 50/60HZ 3KW

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