auto multi-color screen printing&hot stamping machine

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  1. screen wheel series printing machine is Fully Automatic Multi Function Printing system,is designed for special plastic container printing such as soft tubes,bottle caps,cosmetic jars and other similar round containers.
  2. Screen wheel utilize reliable PLC system and touch screen control with its carousel transport system makes it the most advance screen printing system available.
  3. To satisfy different packaging needs,to fulfill the purpose of multi-functional,and all-in-one production line.
  4. Automatic feeder can de designed for specific products to increase efficiency.
  5. To satisfy different requirements,option photoelectric registration system,varnish system ,screen system,stamping system or ink jet-direct system.



规格specification 型号model GE-100-1 GE-100-2


软管 Max print size
Tube Ф(16-60)*(20-200) Ф(16-60)*(20-200)L
膏霜瓶 Jar Ф(20-90)*(20-55)H
速度 Output(pcs/min) 60 60
用气压力 Air pressure(bar) 5-6 5-6
机体重量 Weight(kg) 4500 3500
机体尺寸 Dimensions(cm) 300L*240W*260H 290L*230W*250H
功率 Power AC 380V 50/60HZ 35KW AC 380V 50/60HZ 18KW


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