automatic feeding bottle machine-GE-T29100

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涓銆丅asic using:

Be suitable for transmission for round and square bottle, like connecting with conveyor belt of labeling machine, filling machine,capping machine,submit bottles automatically to improve working efficiency. Can be used on middle of assembly line as a Buffer Platform to reduce the length of belt. Can match high accurate filling machine and automatic capping machine working.

Bottle scope is adjustable, transmit speed 30-200bottle/min. Infinite adjustment, for production arrange conveniently

浜屻丳roduct Feature:

鈼咺nfinite speed adjustment, automatically control the speed of submitting bottles

鈼哠ubmitting many bottles one time, reduce labor intensity

鈼哖roduct suitable: can match with automatic assembly line,labeling machine,filling machine,inkjet printer to come true material transmit automatically
鈼哃ine suitable: widely used in packing,food,toy,cosmetic,electronic,medicine and so on.

鈼咥pplication example: fruit wine bottle,medicine bottle be automatically conveyed before automatically label

涓夈丆onfiguration specification

Electrical equipment Quty. Type Electrical equipment Quty. Type
Rolling plate motor 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC
Using scope diameter锛毾20mm锝炏100mm height锛20mm锝150mm
voltage 220V
Out size L*W*H锛990脳900脳1040


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