automatic film labeling machine-GE-T11100

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涓銆丅asic using:

Suitable for labeling on blank film or for covering bottom label, Example for electronic trade marker(bottom label is electronic component, surface label is film ect. Widely used on products in lines of electronic and cultural education)

浜屻丳roduct Feature:

鈼哅ore wide using, can plane label at film for products width 20mm锝200mm, can label for uneven surface鈥檚 product while change the label covering machine.

鈼咹igh labeling accurate, with Stepper motor or Servo motor driving for label, More accurate; organization of label鈥檚 road can avoid deflecting of it; Eccentric gear technology be used by Traction organization, ensure the label will not slip, and go forward accurate.

鈼哠turdy and durable, adopt 3 poles adjustable organization, To sure the equipment more durable and sturdy.

鈼咹igh stability锛孭anasonic PLC + KUNLUN TONGTAI Screen + Panasonic needle electronic eye + Leuze label testing electronic eye as the high grade electronic control, support equipment working at 7*24hours;

鈼 Easy debuggin, design adjust seat with 6 degree of freedom, can be change for different products, easy operate, saving time.

鈼咺ntelligent control,Automatic photoelectric tracing, no label for when product didn鈥檛 come, automatic correct, automatic testing, can avoid leaking and wasting.

鈼咹MI operation锛宖ull explain and damage remind function in Chines, every indication adjusted easy and fast, operation convenient.

鈼哠tronger function, with counting, power saving,designing and reminding the number of production, remember聽 data for convenient manufacture.

鈼哠elect function and apart: 鈶爃ot coder/ink-jet coder 鈶dd label device锛 鈶ther function锛坈ustomized锛夈

涓夈丆onfiguration specification

Electrical equipment Quty. Type Electrical equipment Quty. Type
Label electric eye 1set Leuze/DataSensor Rewind motor frequency transformer 1set TECO
PLC 1set Panasonic EUT electric eye 1set Panasonic/Riko
Rewind motor 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC screen 1set Kunlun tongtai
Labeling speed 40锝300pcs/min
Labeling accurate 卤1mm
Product scope Outter diameter Film蠁 under 300mm’锛汭nner diameter蠁76mm聽 Width 20mm锝200mm
Label scope Width20mm锝150mm,Length锛坵ind label direction锛6mm锝100mm
voltage 220V
Equipment measurement 锛圠脳W脳H锛1550mm脳720mm脳1350mm
Conveyor height from ground 800mm锛圕ustomize锛


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