automatic griding wheel special labeling machine

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涓銆丅asic using:

This machine is special for grinding wheel, diamond piece to label round sticks , automatic stick and receive bottom belt, improve working efficiency; automatic fix position , stick on static time, improve labeling accurate. Can be used match lots of produce line or grinding wheel sealing,film cutting and shrinking鈥檚 produce line.

浜屻丳roduct Feature:

鈼咹igh Labeling accuracy, product鈥檚 position be double checked聽 and corrected, stick on static time, so the accuracy more high than others

鈼哃abeling efficiency can catch to 50-80pcs/min. Several times quick than manual labeling, save labor.

鈼哠et up automatic check and correct organization, high labeling accuracy, keep label even no crease to improve packing quality.

鈼咥dopt fixing center hole, can suitable for labeling for different size鈥檚 grinding wheel through easy adjustment, be widely used.

鈼咵asy operation and maintain, workers can operate by self after through simply train.

鈼咮ody material use stainless steel and alloy aluminum, full cover for transmission mechanism, more strong,stable,and nice look.

鈼咮e provided with functions of automatic checking and correcting,and automatic testing

鈼咮e provided with PLC + Standard sensor +聽 HMI control system, equipment capacity stable

涓夈丆onfiguration specification

Electrical equipment Quty. Type Electrical equipment Quty. Type
Labeling electric eye 1set Panasonic/Riko Tracing motor 1set YAKO/Leadshine
PLC 1set Panasonic Above motor driver 1set YAKO/Leadshine
EUT electric eye 1set Leuze\DataSensor Conveyor motor 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC
screen 1set Kunlun tongda
Labeling speed 30锝45pcs/min
Labeling accurate 卤1mm
Product scope 蠁100mm锝130mm
Label scope 锛坆ottom belt锛塛idth20mm锝150mm,Length30mm锝150mm
voltage 220V
Equipment measurement L*W*H锛1960脳650脳1350
Height of Conveyor line 750mm锛坈ustomize锛


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