Automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine-GE-T21900

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涓銆丅asic using

Be suitable for small round bottle which can鈥檛聽 stand steadily, horizontal transmission, horizontal labeling, can improve stability and label efficiency. Can select code printer or inkjet coder to labeling head to realize print product鈥檚 date, system number, inkjet bar code and other information.聽 Can select code printer or inkjet coder to conveyor line to realize print product鈥檚 date, system number, inkjet bar code and other information. It is also suitable for assembly line.

浜屻丳roduct Feature:

鈼咹igh speed, adopt roller transmission sideling conveyor, bottles be putted on the right place automatically, labeling steadily, speed can catch to 400pcs/min. Saving large labor and material.

鈼咹igh quality labeling, correct label belt be in right position, label cover label accurate, rolling and nobbing press label result in an even, no scrape, no air bubble on ever product. Improve packing quality.

鈼咹igh stability锛孭anasonic PLC + KUNLUN TONGTAI Screen + Panasonic needle electronic eye + Leuze label testing electronic eye as the high grade electronic control, support equipment working at 7*24hours;

鈼咺ntelligent control,Automatic photoelectric tracing, no label for when product didn鈥檛 come, automatic correct, automatic testing, can avoid leaking and wasting.


涓夈丆onfiguration specification

Electrical equipment Quty. Type Electrical equipment Quty. Type
Label electric eye 1set Leuze/DataSensor Tracing motor 1set YAKO/Leadshine
PLC 1set Panasonic Above motor driver 1set YAKO/Leadshine
EUT electric eye 1set Panasonic/Riko Frequency transformer 1set TECO
Conveyor motor 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC screen 1set Kunlun tongtai
Labeling speed 100锝300pcs/min
Labeling accurate 卤1mm
Product scope diameter蠁18mm锝炏21mm,height25mm锝100mm
Label scope 锛坆ottom锛塛idth20锝150mm,Length20锝100mm
Violage 220V
Out size L*W*H锛2020脳650脳1450



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