automatic hot stamping machine for cap top and side

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  1. the series stamping machine can stamping cap body or top or both of them together,adopted indexer rotating design,equipped auto loading and unloading system,combined with PLC control.
  2. Adopted main components from Rexroth ,Schneider,SMC,Mitsubishi etc.mechanical parts are made by CNC directly from CAD design.
  3. Adopted touch screen interface.quick setup&quick toolings change over.
  4. Adopted with No-object No-printing system,auto counter,safety guard,out of working alarm device.
  5. Heat transfer unit:servo motor right-left registration,automatic loading system ,auto hoper for caps and other customizations due to order.



技术参数/technical data:

规格specification / 型号model GE-200CS GE-200CT GE-200CST GE-200E
烫金尺寸 Stamping size(mm) Ф(25-50)*(25-70) Ф(25-50)*(25-70) Ф(22-45)*(25-70) Ф(185-50)*(25-70)
最高速度 Output(pcs/min) 60 80 55-60 60
用气压力 Air pressure(bar) 5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7
机体重量 Weight(kg) 1120 1156 1400 900
机体尺寸 Dimensions(cm) 243L*185W*180H 140L*160W*175H 230L*180W*180H 210L*120W*230H
功率 power AC 380V

50/60HZ 5KW

AC 380V

50/60HZ 8KW

AC 380V

50/60HZ 7KW

AC 380V

50/60HZ 4.2KW


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