Automatic Lunch Box Screen Printing machine

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Up and down driving mode: Pneumatic

Left and right driving mode: Electric

Left and right stroke: 340mm

Up and down stroke: 75mm

Screen frame size: 300*550mm

Disc area: 600mm800mm

Workspace area: 150*250mm

Printing area: 120*230

Workpiece height: 100mm

Printing stations: 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Printing speed: 2000-2200 times / hour

Power requirements: 220V 50/60HZ 550W

Air pressure: 5 – 7BAR

Remarks: This machine can increase the automatic loading and unloading manipulator and the plane vacuum suction according to the needs of customers. Function.

Application scope:

This is a multi-station rotary screen printing machine, flat air-breathing rotary screen printing machine is the use of Taiwan mechanical cam divider with high-strength rotary platform set up.

Because of the high stability of the divider, there is no vibration when it rotates at high speed, and the dividing is accurate, so it can carry out multi-color overprinting without leaving Position. The multi-station design can take and place the workpiece arbitrarily at the same time of printing, reducing the time of stopping feeding equipment, the fastest speed can reach 2000 times per hour, is your big.

The batch screen printing machine is especially suitable for lenses, buttons, PVC film, paper, and card products.

Performance introduction

Product performance

1. Taiwan imported splitter with constant speed variable speed brake motor running

2. Japan (MITSUBISHI) PLC controls whole machine operation.

3. touch human-machine interface, operation screen is more convenient and flexible.

4. automatic counter function, statistical printing quantity

5. intelligent no piece printing function

6. high strength cast aluminum rotating disk ensures the flatness of each workstation.

7. of skating adopts Taiwan silk thread guide.

8. printing stroke adjustable, sensitive photoelectric switch limit.

9. the angle of the scraper / rebar knife can be adjusted at any time.

10. no gap work table right front, left and right, rotation angle fine adjustment and locking.

11. with the calibrated mesh arm, the position of the net frame can be precisely adjusted.

12.T or suction worktable is installed at random.

13. up and down, equipped with Taiwan CEC oil bumper to eliminate printing shock.

14. the whole machine runs fast and smoothly, and the noise is small.

15. action mode selection: automatic, single week, manual debugging.

16. manual discharge, manipulator unloading.


time(timing )key

0-9 speed selection; if you want to work in full-automatic mode, you need to set the speed of work, 0-9 speed selection, represents each

The residence time from the end of the printing cycle to the beginning of the next printing cycle, 0 is the fastest, 9 is the slowest, and the specific values need to be based on the actual printing products and

The proficiency level of workers is set.

{tune machine (cleared) Clear key}

In the shutdown state, press this button for 3 seconds or less, the panel counter will return to zero, facilitating the recalculation of production capacity.

{Scraper key}

This button can switch the action of the scraper and the ink cladding knife, so as to adjust the contact distance between the scraper and the ink cladding knife and the screen plate. Select scraper condition for washing.

Brush screen is more convenient.

{start / stop (Start/stop) key}

Press this button when the machine is connected to the power supply air source, the machine will carry out the full automatic printing mode, and then press once to stop the printing operation.

{up / down (Up/drop) key.

This function works only when it is manually operated, and the fuselage/screen rises/falls to facilitate the use of shelf/alignment and tone register.

{left / right (Left/right) key}

This key has two functions and needs to be completed under shutdown.

1. press this key to do the left / right line operation.

2. Click this key, the print head stops on the left, in the semi-automatic state, and then press the run key, after a printing cycle is completed, the print head will stop on the left, not back.

Oil; if the head stops on the right, in a semi-automatic state, and then press the run button, after a printing cycle is completed, the head will stop on the right, waiting for the next step.

The ring begins. In full automatic printing machine is the same printing action, the machine will record the original position of the printing head left and right.

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