automatic 2 color ruler pad printing machine

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Printing Color:Two Color
Max Printing Diameter:60*300mm
Steel Plate Size:100*500mm
ink cup聽Diameter:90mm
Power:110/220V 50-60Mhz
Air Pressure:5-7Bar

Technical Parameter

1.PLC with touching screen compile programming.
2.Using SMC and TaiWan Pneumatic Parts
3.Printing Speed:1100-1200PCS/Hr,Printing Two PCS at one time.
4.Up/Down store holder system,folding automatically.
5.Transvers聽ink聽Cup System,saving ink and thinner.
6.Locating by keeping one side with high vacuum funcation.
7.Auto drying system after printing.
8.No need person to operate.
9.It is suitable for printing two colors on kinds of rulers.
10.Two sealed ink cup system make printing steady.
11. Rotary feed preparation system.
12. Feeding and downloading by manipulator with vacuum pad.
13. Automatic receiving system.
14. Conveyer worktable to make ruler ahead.

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