Big Basket Pneumatic Flat Hot Stamping Machine

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Pneumatic flat hot stamping machine for big basket

Technical Data:

stamping area L 150 * W 195 mm
worktable size L 170 * W 220 mm
max printing height 600mm
stamping pressure range 500kgf
stamping temperature range – 280潞C/room temperature-280潞C
stamping paper wide 150mm
stamping speed 1000pcs/hr
gas consumption 50L/min
air pressure 4-7 bar
stamping head stoke 50 mm
power 220v/110V 50/60HZ
machine size L 700 * W 616 * H 1631mm
package size L 870 * W 730 * H 1660 mm
net weight 149.5 kgs
package weight 194.5 kgs


  1. Microcomputer control,easy operation and convenient.
  2. Pressure,temperature and time of stmping can be adjusted.
  3. Worktable can be adjusted to front-back,left-right and rotary.
  4. The paper in and out is automatic,and is adjustable.
  5. According the different workpiece to adjust the height of stamping head by hand shank and cylinder stoke by cylinder.
  6. It’s for round stamping.after removing shuttle table is flat hot stamping machine.
  7. Adoptd oil-blast converter device,shttle worktable makes workpiece stably to rotary stamping.stamping quality stable.

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