Economic Table Top Screen Printing Machine

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Performance description:

1. MCU IC with touch panel to compile action program
2. automatic four digit counter, statistical printing quantity
3. all cast aluminum fuselage, powder sprayed on the surface.
4. double column lifting structure, with high accuracy and stability.
5. adjustable stroke, Taiwan photoelectric switch limit.
6. the blade / rebar angle can be adjusted at any time.
7. constant pressure device for scraper to ensure stable pressure in printing process.
8. the front and rear sides of the worktable are right and left, and the rotation angle is fine tuned and locked.
9. the position of the net frame can be around, left and right, level, height adjustment.
10. no steel suction panel, durable
11. the upper and lower sides are equipped with Taiwan CEC oil pressure buffer to eliminate printing vibration.
12. the whole machine runs fast and smoothly, and the noise is small.
Action mode selection: fully automatic semi manual manual operation.
Starting mode: panel foot pedal switch
Pressure control of scraper: constant pressure of pressure regulating valve
Up and down driving mode: Pneumatic
Left and right driving mode: Pneumatic
Left and right stroke: 350MM
Up and down stroke: 150MM
Mesa area: 300*500M
Maximum net frame size: 400*600MM
Maximum printing area: 250*350MM
Maximum height of workpiece: 80MM
Printing station: 1

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