Electronic Pad Printing Machine

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This electric oil cup type transfer printer (ink printer) adopts advanced design and processing technology. When working, the ink is poured into the oil cup and can work directly after sealing. Ink and odor will not leak out of the environment-friendly products. Advanced mechanical transmission system makes the whole machine run more smoothly. The strength of all kinds of spare parts materials exceeds 50% of the theoretical strength. The insurance coefficient is bigger and the whole machine is stronger.

It is suitable for the printing of production date, batch number, valid date and commodity trademark, pattern, text and barcode, and can be printed on metal, plastic, glass, nylon, film and other materials.

Machine main parameter:
1. Diameter of large oil cup 70
2, scraper clean
3. Good sealing between oil cup and steel plate
4. Clear print.
5, fine workmanship
6. Metal transmission gear
7. Print more than 2000 times per hour
8. Using 100W large motor, good stability
9. Installation of motor cooling fan for better heat dissipation
10. Widening Workbench and Easier Fixed Use

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