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Flatbed screen printing machine

It is a big size vertical flat screen printing press, adopting distyle constructure, double conversion system, operating fastly and steadly. It is suitable for printing  PCB Board, Sheet, Film or Cube forms which with smooth flat surface and made of as metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood etc. It is widely used in electronic industry, advertising, packing & printing, toy, stationery, gifts, industrial arts fields etc.

1. Vertical structure, Compact & space-saving. easy operation and good stability.
2. Printing driven by motor, Installed Linear Guide or Linear Guideway. Printing speed and ink flooding speed are adjustable. Running smoothly and a long work life.
3. Special cushion cylinder installed on the left/ right buffer gear.
4. The motor drive screen frame up and down, two poles guide. Separated buffering air course to keep stability register.
5. Duralumin working table( made according to the international standard cast aluminium JISH5302-2000 ), precise scale micro-adjustable. Planeness keep in 0.05mm, roughness .
6. Printing angle/ printing pressure and spacing between screen frame and table are adjustable.
7. Reliable safety device is installed according to CE standard.

1. Thickness of printing matter: 0-80mm
2. Size of printing table:700*900mm
3. Max Printing area:600*800mm
4. Max Stroke of up-and-down frame:160mm
5. Max. printing speed:1500pcs/hour
6. Air pressure:6 Bar
7. Power voltage: AC 380V (because of the electric lifting table, we can change 110V or 220V)
8. Power consumption:50 W

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