Flat Silk Screen Printing Machine

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Electronic Flat Silk Screen printing Machine

Technical Data:

Model 3050
Colors 1 / color register
Printing speed 1500 pcs/hr
Max screen frame size 550*700 mm
Max printing area 300*500 mm
Worktable size 400*600 mm
Left/right stroke 500mm
Up/down stroke 160mm
Max products thickness 100mm
Up/down drive way pneumatic
Left/ right drive way Stepper Motor
Air pressure 5-7 bar
Power 220V 50HZ 100W
Machine size 850*870*1550 mm
Weight 180 kg


1.Microcontroller IC Compiler with touch panel operation program;
2.Automatic four-digit counter, statistics the number of prints;
3.Full cast aluminum fuselage, the surface of metallic paint;
4.Double-column lifting structure, high precision stable;
5.About adjustable stroke, Taiwan photoelectric switch limit;
6. Scraper/ ink cover angle is Adjustable.
7.Scraper constant pressure device to ensure pressure stability of the printing process;
8.Right around the table, around, and fine-tune the angle of rotation lock;
9.The frame position can be front, left, horizontal, height adjustment;
10.Vacuum worktable, easy to fix soft and light products.
11. Up,down,left, right with Taiwan CEC Hydraulic shock absorber to eliminate printing shock;
12.Whole machine working fast, stable, low noise. Action mold have full automatic/semi automatic/ manual.

Metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, leather and other materials. Widely used in: electronics, advertising, packaging, printing, sports equipment, toys, stationery, gifts and other industries. Products such as PCB, LCD, EL, IC, SMT and so on. Meanwhile, the model is also suitable for other precision printing, stickers, ceramic flower paper, membrane switch (button), posters, automotive glass, instrumentation, building plaques, nameplates, billboards and other signs.

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