Flat&Round Screen Printing Machine for Cup & Bottle

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Flat&Round Screen Printer for cup&bottle


  1. microcomputer controls,hogh automation,easy and convenient operation.
  2. Four-digit automatic counter.
  3. It can print for round and cone.
  4. Automatic scraping ink, ink- back,worktable up and down ,it’s for easy operation and keep the print quality stable.
  5. Adjusting printing stroke and speed,applied to different printing requirements.
  6. Worktable and screen frame can be adjusted for front-back,left-right,up-down,high printing precision, convenient and quick adjustment.
  7. Scraper can be lift up individually.easy and convenient to clean and change the screen frame.

Technical data:

Name Round screen printer Flat & round screen printer
Max printing size Ф85*H200 mm Ф85*H200mm
Printing speed 1500pcs/hr 1500pcs/hr
Power 220V/50HZ 60W 220V/50HZ 60W
Air pressure 5bar 5bar
Machine size 730*580*1280mm 730*580*1280mm
Weight 100kg 120kg

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