Four Color Individual Pad Stroker Pad Prinitng Machine

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Main accessories:

1. guide brand: Taiwan Silver
2. cylinder: SMC/ ad
3. servo / speed motor: Panasonic / finishing
4. electrical control: Hui Bo don / CHINT / Quan
5. splitter: Taiwan Wei steel
6. PLC: Panasonic
7. solenoid valve: Gold
8. restrictor valve:
9. induction switch: Yangming / OMRON
10. coupling: San Pu
11. ball screw: Taiwan Silver


1.Multi station shuttle printer
2.Independent rubber head design
3.Fixture universal automatic rotation, servo control
4.Selection of durable “Taiwan silver” brand screws and guideways.
5.Upper and lower cylinder, left and right (treadmill) servo motor drive
6.Front and rear servo control, improve speed and smooth
7.All moving into the original.
8.With a screw rod device, the product is transported smoothly.
9.PLC computer program main control, simple touch control panel.
10.Glue head automatic cleaning, save labor time.
11.Whole machine speed: 200-250pcs/h
12.Tech-data technical parameters:
13.Appearance size: 2420*1400*1810mm
14.Steel plate size: 120*275 (mm)
15.Front and rear stroke of steel sheet: 150 (mm)
16.Mechanical capacity: 1000-1200p/h
17.Speed of the whole machine: 200-250pcs/h
18.Working air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
19.Working voltage: 220V

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