HC195S Pneumatic flat, round face tipping machine

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Technical parameters:
Hot plate area: 150 × 200mm
Table size: 108 × 108mm
Stamping first trip: 38mm
Stamping Temperature selection range: room temperature -280 degrees
Maximum workpiece height: 185mm
Stamping pressure range of options: <130kgf
The largest printing speed: 800pcs/hr
Power: 220V 50HZ
Heating power: 900W
Gas source pressure :4-7bar
Air consumption: <40L/min
Dimensions: 530 × 580 × 1385mm
1, micro-computer controlled, pneumatic-driven components.
2, printing pressure, temperature, time adjustable.
3, table manually before and after the move, to facilitate safe operation of Express.
4, table can be before and after about rotation adjustment.
5, automatic feeder, to close paper, and adjustable.
6, according to the different height of the workpiece can be separately adjusted through the handle and cylinder-way adjustment nut stamping cylinder head height and itinerary.
7, for stamping a round face and the workpiece; unloaded shuttle is moving plane tipping machine worktable.

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