HC200-plane tipping machine

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Technical parameters:
Hot plate area: 150 脳 210mm
Table size: 170 脳 220mm
Stamping first trip: 50mm
Stamping Temperature selection range: room temperature -280 鈩
Maximum workpiece height: 200mm
Choose the scope of stamping pressure: 鈮 800
The largest printing speed: 800pcs/hr
Power Supply: 110/220V 60/50HZ
Heating Power: 1500W
Gas source pressure :4-7bar
Air consumption: 鈮 63L/min
Dimensions: 600 脳 1605 脳 660mm
Weight: 180kg
1, micro-computer control, pneumatic components drive
2, built-stamping a round face plane and the control program; retro round face stamping device can be hot stamping a round face workpiece.
3, can be achieved manually, semi-automatic and automatic operation, easy debugging.
4, automatic document feeder, to close paper and can be adjusted
5, Workbench can automatically access Stamping workers, and improve job security and easy to pick-and-place workpiece
6, table can be fine-tuning around, you can achieve the perspective of regulation
7, time stamping, temperature and pressure are adjustable
8, will include four counters
9, height adjustable head stamping

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