M4S 4 Color Pad Printing Machine With Shuttle

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More large area pad printing ; With shuttle work table and more precision overprint; 4聽colors pad printing per time; Coin aluminum machine structure for running stabilization.opened ink聽well to provide ink for operation simply.

Four colors聽pad printer聽with shuttle table
1.Max. plate size: 100脳200mm.
2.Max. worktable area: 170脳200mm.
3.Max. printing area: 85脳170mm.
4.Max. printing speed: 720pcs/h.
5.Printable color:4
6.Shuttle stoke: 125mm.
1.Total micro-computer controlled operation;
2.Auto 4聽digit counter built-in;
3.Ink covering by ink roller;
4.Coin aluminium structure which is sturdy;
5.Independent pad stroke and speed control;
6.Printing speed adjustable to meet with different needs;
7.”Inking twice, printing once” to get better ink covering;

Machine Fittings:
1. Four plates,
2. Four pads
3. Two聽blades
4. A tool box.

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