MINI-2H Tabletop 1 Color Pad Printing Machine with 2 Head

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This pad printing machines which is fit for the nice printing on the small size workpieces. It can be operated easily and has good printing speed .And the two colors machine can overprint also. For example: stationery, toys, presents, electronic products and so on.
1. Fully automatic control by microcomputer .
2. Four figures automatic counter.
3. Machine body made by coin aluminium and blue color coated.
4. Independently adjust the pressure & speed of pad.
5. Adjustable聽blade聽pressure automatic and easily removing oil on the plate.
6. Only front to back of blades function to avoid solidification of printing聽ink聽when stopping.
7. Independently adjusts worktable position and rotates at any point.
8. Lower noise and operation placidity .

1. Max plate areas: 100脳100mm;
2. Printing colour: 1 ;
3. Max printing speed锛圥cs/Hr):1500 ;
4. Max Print area:85脳85mm;
5. Air consumption: 130L/Min;
6. Working table dimension: 200脳125mm;
7. Range of working table up-and-down: 100mm

Machine Fittings:
1.One pad .
2.One聽steel plate.
3.One Manual in English.
4.One blade.

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