Mini Table Screen Printing Machine

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Product features:

  1. printing stroke and speed can be sdjusted to meet different printing requirements.
  2. Adopt high strength axis and shaft sleeve to make the screen scraper smooth sliding printing.
  3. Automatic balance scraper,can ensure the printing pressure balance,pneumatic knife lifting function,time-saving and dfficient.
  4. The precision grinding table with high hardness ensures the accuracy of multi-color matching.
  5. Working table can be left and right and plane swing angle fine adjustment ,high printing precision adjustment is convenient and fast.


Technical Data:

Printing size 100*150 mm
Worktable size 150*200 mm
Printing speed 800—1200 pcs/hr
Air pressure/power 5—6 Bar 40W AC220
Max frame size 250*350 mm
Up and down drive mode pneumatic
Machine size 800*370*700 mm


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