Nanophase Materials Screen Printing Machine

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Product Features:
1 This small screen printing machine adopts microcomputer control each function with high automation and easy operation.
2-Digit auto counter.
3 Printing stroke and speed are adjustable to meet different printing requirements.
4 automatic balancing blade scraper to ensure equalized printing pressure.
5 table with suction function, and can be carried around and flat swing angle tuning, printing, high precision, easy adjustment and quick.
6 convenient foot switch, simple operation, easy maintenance.
7 separate printing and inking speed control system.
1. Platen size: 400 * 220mm
2. Printing size: 300 * 220mm
3. Printing speed: 1000pcs/hr
4. Power: 220V 60/50Hz 50w
5. Pressure: 4/6Litre/min (bar)
6. Dimensions: 550 * 600 * 900mm
7. Weight: 90kg

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