1 Color Sealed Cup Pad Printing Machine

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Mini is applied for print various kind of material,such as metal,glass,chinaware,plastic and so on.It also suitable for small printing area like plane, cambered and irregular surface,such as the button in mobile phone,golf ball and the ball head,toys,pen,mouse,electronic appliance,crafts and so on

The wolfram steel scraper which is made by the newest Nanotechnology is used on the sealed cup pad printer,with a degree of HRC63 of the hardness on the surface,it also have high resistance and can be used for almost 3,000,000 times.This type of the machine is more environmental and can save moreink聽when compare with the traditional ink-well聽pad printer.

It is with closed聽ink cup, can save 60% ink and 90% thinner comparing with open ink plate.
Pad printer with close ink cup has exterior beautiful, small, easy operateing, high quality, environment friendly /acceptable, competitive price, useful for small products, same as toys, pen, stationery, gift, elc products…
1. Controlled by microprocessor for easy operation.
2. 5digit auto counter built-in;
3. High intensity coin aluminium machine structure frame;
4. Sealed cup is used for ink covering and store, Keep ink viscidity stabilization and environment clean;
5. Independent pads up/down stroke and speed adjustment;
6. Printing speed adjustable to fulfil various printing requirements;
7. Able to sweep forward/backward without lowering pad to avoid ink drying at intervals

Operation: Pneumatic
3. Printing Colors: 1
4. Plate area: 100*215mm
5. Cup diameter: 桅 90mm
6. Max printing area: 80*90mm
7. Max printing speed: 1700PCS/H
8. Wattage: 220V/ 50HZ-110V/60HZ
9. Machine size: 56*36*120cm(LxWxH)
10. Machine weight: 106kg

Free Fitting:
1. One piece steel plate
2. One pcs silicone rubber pad
3. A suit tool
4. English operating instruction

Standards Certificate —CE
Gross Weight —80KG
Main Parts —-SMC cylinder made by聽Japan
Application area —–toys, pens, keyboard, plastic products, laber, hardware

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