S4C 4 color pad printer machine with conveyor

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4color open聽ink well聽pad printer machine with 聽conveyer:
1.Max. plate size: 100脳150mm锛
2.Max Printing area: 85脳130mm;
3.Max. worktable area: 90脳125mm锛
4.Max. printing speed: 1200pcs/h锛
5.Printable colors:4锛
6.Stroke of cylinder up-down: 80mm;
7. Stroke of table shuttle: 125mm;
8. Range of table height adjustment: 250m.

1.Total microcomputer controlled operation;
2.Auto four digit counter built-in;
3.Ink covering by ink roller;
4.Fully coin aluminum structure which is sturdy and long life
5.Independent pad stroke and speed control;
6.Printing speed adjustable to meet with different needs;
7.”Inking twice, printing once” to get thicker ink covering;
8. Japan SMC Cylinder & Germany FESTO Pneumactic Parts

Applicable for small round surface as well as flat surface printing, such as cell phone button,golf, toy, pens, PC mouse, small electronic accessories etc.


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