Screen Printing Machine with 4 Stations

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Product Features:

  1. screen lifting adopts Jamanese Panasonic servo motor,combined with high-preformance lead drive screw and precision linear guide rail.Screen frame lifting adopts screw guide,making printing more stable and smooth with higher printing accuracy.
  2. The printing frame adopts stepper motor,with fast running and accurate positioning,and digital setting stroke,speed and direction.
  3. The printing frame is formed by drawing aluminumin one body,with simple structure.The tool rest is guided by cylinder and cross roller gude rail,which is stable and smooth with high precision.
  4. The rotary table is driven by TAIWAN precision CAM spliter,with accurate repeated positioning and fast speed.The micrometer of the table is fine-tuned(stoke卤6mm),and the vacuum suction table makes the product precise psitioning and prevents the product loosening in the process of rotation.The turntable is made of cast aluminum,with stable structure and sullerior rigigity.The flatness accuracy of the table is 0.05mm.
  5. Mechanical material:mechanical material can be configured to reduce productivity and improve production efficiency.The machine is connected with production line,and the material can be directly fed to the production line.
  6. Adopt advanced control Mitsubishi PLC control,man-machine interface digital control,can set a variety of functions and operating parameters in the operation of data and standard humanized.
  7. Install safety rod and safety light curtain to carefully protect the operator鈥檚 personal safety.
  8. Oil-free water filter pressure regulating group does not preduce exhaust oil mist pollution,suitable for uuse in dust-free room.
  9. Function program set the storage function ,keep records,convenient for the next use.


Technical Parameters:

Printing color 1 Printing surface Flat
Max frame size 450*650 mm Turntable diameter 肖845 mm
Max printing size 250*180 mm Printing speed 1300pcs/hr
Substrate thickness range 0-100 mm Manipulator stroke 500 mm
Worktable size 200*300 mm Station number 2/ 4/ 8 stations
Frame up and down stroke 200 mm
Up and down stroke of scraper and oil scraper 30 mm Left and right stroke of scraper 350 mm
Air pressure 0.4-0.6 mpa power AC220V 50HZ
Weight 560KG Machine size 565*585*1000 mm


聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽Mainly used for printing :Glass,PCB,LED,Cold Light Sheet,Film,Keyboard,Acrylic,Mobile Phone Panel,Touch Panel,Light Guide Plate,Diffusion Plate,Name Plate,Ceramic ,Stationery and Precision Screen Printing of Small Film/sheet/plate products .such as circuit(FPC),in-modl decoratin(IMD),Membrane Switch (Membrame switch),biological test tablets and other products precision plane screen printing.



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