M6C 6 Color Pad Printer Machine with Conveyor

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M6/C (18 working station)
1.Max. plate size: 100×200 mm;
2.Max. worktable area: 90×125mm;
3.Max. printing area: 85×130mm;
4.Max. printing speed: 800pcs/hr;
5.Color number: 6;
6.Air consumption: 330Litre/min(6bar);
7.Printing objects dimension:100×140mm.
8.Conveyer stroke: 125mm;
9. Station number: 18
10.  Net Weight: 270KG, Gross Weight: 350kg

1.Total micro-computer controlled operation;
2.Auto 4 digit counter built-in;
3.ink covering by ink roller ;
4.Fully Coin aluminium structure which is sturdy;
5.Independent pad stroke and speed control;
5.Printing speed adjustable to meet with different needs;
6.”Inking twice, printing once” to get better ink covering;
7. SMC cylinder& FESTO pneumactic parts.

Machine Fittings︰
1. Six 4″*6″ plates,
2. Six pads
3. Two blades
4. A tool box.

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