Slide Table Small Screen Printing Machine

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Technical data:


Name Slide Table Small Screen Printing Machine Model 2030ST
Left-right stroke 350mm Up-down stroke 160mm
Frame size 300*500mm Table size 250*400mm
Printing size 200*300mm Workpiece height 50mm
Printing states 1 Printing speed 1200-1500pcs/hr
Power 220V聽50鈥60MHZ/10W Air pressure 5-7bar
Left-right drive mode pneumatic



A new type off slide table precision screen printing machine,compact appearance,can be formed in the smaller mass production line,using the German original factory ORIGA rodless cylinder do around before and after the sliding direction,running fast,positioning accuracy,easy operation,mainly is suitable for feeding not convenient product,such as:silicone keys,mobile phone keys surface types,such as product design and printing characters.

small screen printing machine:T flat screen printing machine;vacuum suction machine;small table screen printing machine;small rotary screen printing machine.

Products feature:

  1. single chip IC coordinates with the light touch panel to compile the action program.
  2. Automatic four-dight counter to cunt the number of printing.
  3. Fully cast aluminum body,with metal baking paint on the surface.
  4. Double column lifting structure with high stability and precision.
  5. Adjustable left and right stroke.
  6. The blade angle can adjusted freely.
  7. Blade constant pressure device to ensure stable pressure during printing.
  8. Work table front and back,left and right, rotation angle fine tuning and locking.
  9. The position of the grid frame can be adjusted before and after,left and right.
  10. T-shaped tank table for easy installation fo fixtures.
  11. Equipped with Taiwan CEC oil pressure buffer to eliminate printing shock.
  12. The whole machine runs fast,smoothly and quietly.
  13. Action mode selection:automatic/semi-automatic/manual.
  14. Start mode:panel/foot switch
  15. Scraper pressure control:constant pressure of pressure regulating valve.
  16. Up and down drive mode:pneumatic.
  17. Left-right drive mode:pneumatic.


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