Three Colors Ceramic Plate/Dishes/Bowl Pad Prinitng Machine

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Three Colors Ceramic bowl/dishes/plates Pad Printing Machine


Product Features:

  1. PLC control and servo motor,make it more stable performance ,eassier operation,lower noise,pressure uniformity,easier maintenance.
  2. Quick print,no matter how complex patterns ,every minute can print 5 work pieces,at least can print 300 pcs in one hour,if works 8 hours a day,every day at least can print 2400 pcs,equivalent to 8 staff work about 8-10 days.Therebe,labor cost is saved and work erriciency is improved.
  3. The print pattern is clear and accurate,and the repetition error is 卤3mm.
  4. Cost lower than screen printing ,hand painted and decal for ceramic production(including paint ,oil seal).
  5. Suitable for wide area printing and applicable within the range of 50 mm-400mm.


Apply to smooth or rough surface products,all over the broader scope.


Technical Data:

Printing color 3
Max printing size 400*400mm
Ink tray size 750*550mm
Printing speed 400pcs/hr
Weight 1000kg
Air pressure 3-5 bar
Printing height 250-350 mm
Power 220V 50HZ 5KW
Machine size 1700*2200*3300mm




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