Turntable Screen Printing Machine with Flame

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(2) Turntable Screen Printing Machine with Flame – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Rr1dwVulIg8


This is a high-speed surface screen printing machine,the mechanical turntable rotating at high speed,fast printing speed,can be configured with automatic loading and unloading system,can be installed with LED cold light system,can be installed with automatic positioning system,single operation,automatic printing.About 1000-1500 printing times per hour,can print 95MM diameter cylindrical surface products,surface patterns,LOGO 聽and some text information.This automatic surface screen printing machine prints products with clear patterns and can print similar products.



Printing size:100*200 mm

Printing speed:1000-1500 pcs/ hr

Machine size:1050*1250*1600 mm

Power:220 v




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