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Straight ruler high speed screen printing machine with two workstations

Printing color:single Color

Max printing Size:200*300mm

Max print speed:2200PCS/Hr

Rotarytable Workstation:2 PCS

Power:110/220V 750W

Place of original:China


Function introduction:

1.High speed cam divider rotary worktable

2.Using Taiwan LSK guide rail with self direction, making sure high precision

3.The X and Y direction of the worktable can be adjusted, the precision can be up to 0.01mm

4.Big vacuum system

5.No need to make jigs for kinds of stationery rulers, change quickly

6.Speed: 2200pcs/hr

7.With the function of no printing when no work pieces, reduce the trouble of cleaning screen frame

8.Auto-baiting by manipulator with vacuum pad

9.Power: 110/220V 50-60M/HZ

10.It’s suitable for printing set squares, straight rulers,protractors with 350mm or below and other flat products.

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