L1 pad printer machine 180mm ink cup type

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MODEL NAME: L1 聽pad printer machine 180mm ink cup type 聽Introduction:

This is a big type pad printing machine. Use for big LOGO pad printing . Easy installation, simple operation, easy maintenance. It鈥檚 the customer’s preferred need of large area product. Suitable for electronic products, metal products, stationery, handicrafts, gifts, toys, the surface design of the LOGO printing


  1. The microcomputer control, function practical, simple operation, easy to master;
  2. Use famous original hardening collar and pneumatic components, belonging to lead The life and performance;
  3. Independent pad and front-back stroke adjustable, fit for different printing require;
  4. ink roller rolling, convenient installation and cleaning;
  5. Wiper blade automatic balance, thickness of steel plate can be adjusted independently compensation, wiper clean;
  6. Set up four figures automatic counters, convenient record Numbers of printed products;

7.the pad can be move front-back, print down, in order to prevent the suspension of ink dry;

  1. Multistage speed control, in order to meet different printing speed requirements;
  2. Can the independent adjustment ink tray鈥檚 X, Y direction and Angle, let printing accurate, and save use space of the steel plate;
  3. The fuselage adopts high-quality aluminum + steel combining structure, light body, beautiful and practical;
  4. Equipped with foot emergency cut-off system, convenient testing-run and emergency stop operation, in accordance with international industrial safety standards;
  5. with standard procedures and non-standard programming, easy for the customer to set new program as the printing requirement.


front-back stroke 250MM

vertical stroke聽聽聽 75MM

ink cup size锛毬犅犅犅犅 180MM

print accuracy聽聽聽聽聽聽 <0.05mm

Steel plate size锛毬犅犅 0.25x200x400mm

Print speed:聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 1000pcs/ hour

power锛毬犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅 220V聽 50-60HZ

air pressure聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 5-7BAR

Machine weight:聽聽聽聽 180kg

Machine size:聽聽聽聽聽聽 105x65x155mm

Packing size: 117X75X170CM

With packing gross weight: 220KG

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