Semi-automatic Screen Printing Machine for Fire Extinguisher

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Technical parameter
1. model:4A
2. Power supply: 110/220V, 50/60HZ
3. Air pressure: 5~7bar
4. Action model option: fully automatic/semi-automatic/manual
5. Start-up method: panel foot switches
6. vertical driving style: pneumatic
7. transverse driving style: pneumatic(common cylinder)
8. Max printing area: 590MM (the length of circumference and cambered surface) * 300MM (width)
9. printing diameter scope: 聽 5-220MM
10. If you want to print the whole circle, the max printing diameter is 360MM
11. max length of products: 300MM
12. Max printing speed: 1200pcs/hr
13. vertical stroke: 100MM
14. transverse stroke: 600MM

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