Slide Table Screen Printing Machine

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4060-Slide Table Silk Screen Printing Machine


Technical Data:

Color 1 color
Printing speed 800 pcs/hr
Max screen frame size 500*800 mm
Max printing area 300*500 mm
Worktable size 400*600 mm
Thickness of products 0-80 mm
Left/ Right stroke 600mm
Up/Down stroke 160mm
Air power 0.4-0.6 Pa
Power 220V 聽50HZ 聽500W
Machine size 1236*960*1530 mm
Weight 295kg


Product Description:


Economical electric flat silde silk screen printer machine


  1. Micro computer controller, easy operation and durable.
  2. The worktable can move from front to back, easy to take products and more safe. Side rail adopts linear guide rail, working more stable and precise position with less voice.
  3. Printing moving designed multiple circulation, can be seted as your need.

4 .The material of machine body is cast aluminum, the surface is metallic lacquer.

  1. 2-post rack lifting structure, high precision and movie more durable;
  2. Scraper constant press device to ensure the pressure more stable when printing.
  3. The angel of Squeegee/ink back blade is adjustable.
  4. High precision worktable adjustment which accuracy can reach to 0.01mm.
  5. The position of screen fame can be adjust to front/back, left/right and level.
  6. Taiwan shihlin frequency converter for adjust the left/right speed.
  7. Worktable matched urgency stop device and more safe.
  8. Up/Down Driver:聽 Pneumatic+ precise double optical axis

13.Working Model: Full automatic/ semi automatic/ manual

14.Start way: Panel/ foot pedal

15.Worktable style: T shape/ vacuum

16.Fine adjustment of worktable: +-10mm

17.Worktable up/down adjustment: 0-10mm




For printed PCB board, silicone, textile, plastic buttons, PET, cardboard, nameplates, trademarks, IC boards, membrane switch circuit, mobile phone lenses, glass, liquid crystal display panels and signs, such as flat-type material.

Widely used in high-speed printing accurate plastic products, toys, electrical appliances, electronics, metals, ceramics, handicrafts, wood products, cell phone cases, car interiors, glass, touch screen, advertising, etc., you can achieve the most beautiful object in the plane high-quality printing.


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