Slide Table Screen Printing Machine

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Product advantages:
1. This runway silk screen printer adopts microcomputer to control all the functions and actions, with high degree of automation and simple and convenient operation.
2. set four digit automatic counter.
3. printing stroke and speed can be adjusted to meet different printing requirements.
4. automatic balancing scraper scraping to ensure balanced printing pressure.
5. The worktable has the function of suction air, and can adjust the pendulum angle of left and right sides and plane. The printing precision is high, the adjustment is convenient and fast.
6. convenient foot switch, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
7. independent printing and ink return speed control system.

Basic parameters:

Model: 3050VH
Grade: new upgraded version
Maximum net frame: 250*350
Workbench size: 300*500MM
Maximum printing area: 250*350MM
Cylinder stroke: 32*400MM ad cylinder
Workbench type: stainless steel vacuum suction stage
Pneumatic components: Taiwan ADAD passenger pneumatic components
Outline size: 750*650*850MM
Weight: 90KG

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