manual round bottle labeling machine-GE-T61200

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涓銆丅asic using

Be used to stick label on various circular surface on full circle or just half circle. Mainly use for small quantity, more specifications and situation of bad quality through manual labeling. Improve the quality and efficiency observably

浜屻丳roduct feature

鈼哃abel scope: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film,supervision code,bar code ect.

鈼哖roduct scope锛歝ircular things made with various kinds material, like glasses bottle, PET bottle and so on.

鈼咥pplication industry锛歐idely used in food, toys, cosmetic, electric, medicine

鈼咥pplication Example: labeling on pen, oil viol, cosmetic small taper bottle, shampoo flat bottle and so on

鈼咷ood labeling quality, flat, no scrape, high accuracy of label head connecting with label tail.

鈼咶lexible, Special used in small quantity order, can decline equipment cost.

鈼哠aving, full mechanical, no need electric, one investment for using long time

鈼咺ngenious, small floor space, easy transmission, equipment can be moved and placed in anytime

鈼咵asy operation, low technical request of workers, can be used under every circumference, also under power cutting.

涓夈丆onfiguration specification


Labeling speed 8~15pcs/min
Labeling accurate 卤1mm
Product scope 锟15mm-锟150mm
Label scope 20mm-150mm
Voltage No need power source
Out size L脳W脳H锛650mm脳430mm脳500mm



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