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It is designed for multi-color decoration of cylindrical/oval/square plastic/glass bottles, hard tubes at high production speeds. It is suitable for glass and plastic containers printing with UV ink.
Need registration point for multi-color cylindrical bottle printing.
Parameter Item
1-8 color automatic screen printer

Round container:
Printing  Diameter:20-100mm
Printing Length:25-300mm
Max printing speed:4000pcs/hr

Oval container:
Printing Width:25-120mm
Printing Length:25-300mm
Max printing speed:5000pcs/hr

Square container:
Printing length:100-200mm
Printing width:40-100mm
Max printing speed:4000pcs/hr

Machine Dimension (each color):1908x1000x1500mm
Power: 380V 3 phases 50/60Hz
Air consumption:5-7 bars

General Description:
1.Automatic 1-8 color screen printing line, each unit can be separated or connected.
2.Automatic loading system with belt and vacuum robot (bowl feeder and hopper optional)
3.Auto flame treatment
4.Perfect transmission system. It passes over the bottles fast and smooth.
5.Automatic 180 degree rotation for oval and square bottles
6.Quick and easy change over from one product to another.
7.LED UV curing system with longer life time and energy saving, electric UV system optional.
8.Reliable PLC control with touch screen display.
9.Promise of quality with SMC pneumatic parts and Panasonic, Schneider Electric parts. Other brands optional.
10.Automatic unloading


Auto loading onto belt—flame treatment—printing—UV drying —next color printing and drying—auto unloading

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