HC-168S pneumatic plane/round hot-stamping machine

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Technical  parameter:
Scald board area: 100× 168mm
Workbench’s size: 108× 108mm
Scald printing head’s itinerary: 25mm
Scald printing temperature choose range: Room temperature- 280
Biggest workpiece’s height: 95mm
Scald printing pressure choose range: <130kgf
Biggest scald printing speed: 1000pcs/ hr
Power supply: 220V 50HZ
Glow power: 900W
Anger source’s pressure: 4-7bar
Consume tolerance: <58L/ min
Boundary dimension: 630× 580× 1385mm
Function’s feature:
1、Microcomputer’s preset control, pneumatic groupware drive.
2、Scald printing pressure, temperature, time can transfer.
3、Workbench can manual front and back move, convenient for safety quickly operation.
4、Workbench can front and back, the left and right sides, revolve regulating.
5、Automatic give paper, receive paper, and can transfer.
6、According to workpiece de different height, can difference by handle’s gentle vat transfer part of the way nut regulate scald printing cephalic height gentle vat itinerary.
7, be used for scald printing round’s a workpiece; unload spindle move workbench that be for plane’s bronzing machine.

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