semi-auto round bottle labeling machine-GE-T41311

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涓銆丅asic using

It鈥檚 one of semi automatic labeling machine, be suitable for labeling on various kind of surface of circular products,also small taper round bottle like cosmetic, wine round bottle ect. Can label on full round or half round, front and back side of circle, between space can adjust anyhow, widely use in food,cosmetic,chemical,medicine line

Can select and assemble circle fixed position device to realize labeling at a decided place

Can select ribbon printer and inkjet print, print product system number while labeling, reduce packing process and improve product efficiency

浜屻丳roduct Feature

鈼哠trong function,one or two pcs labeling can be shift freely, can flexible adjust the space of front and back label, to make a fixed position on circle surface.

鈼哠upport taper bottle to stick label,聽 has taper adjust controller, simply adjust then may meet lots of taper bottle labeling

鈼咹igh labeling quality, has fixing position of product and label go wrong to correct. Good overlapping at head and tail of labels, no scrape, no air bubble, improve labeling quality.

鈼咵asy adjustment, every function shift by one button. Different product鈥檚 label be shifted easy and fast, improve efficiency.

鈼哠afety and health, apply with GMP produce requirement, main material of equipment use stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy, more strong and durable

鈼哠tability capacity, use PLS + sensor electric control system, support equipment working long time

鈼哖roduce manage conveniently, has function of label count, saving modal, photoelectric tracing, management more relax

涓夈丆onfiguration specification

Electrical equipment Quty. Brand/remark Electrical equipment Quty. Brand/remark
Speed adjustment motor 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC PLC programable controller 1set Delta
Motor speed controller 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC screen 1set Delta
Label electric eye 1set Leuze/DataSensor
Labeling speed 15-25p/min
Labeling accurate 卤1mm
Product scope Diamenter 蠁8mm锝炏120mm
Label scope Width10锝180mm,Length15锝376mm
voltage 220V
Out size L*W*H锛920脳450脳520


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