Single Color Automatic Screen Printer Machine for Soft Tubes

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Max. Speed:3000pph
Printing Area:236mmX170mm(褎75mm)
Printing products Size:28mm<diameter褎<75mm;20mm<200mm
Number of銆Print銆Head:1
Number of聽UV聽System:1
UV Lamp Power:2.4kw
Electrical Requirement:380v 3phase 50/60Hz, 20A
Dimension (LxWxH):1850mmx1450mmx1700mm
Machine Weight:1120kg
Air Consumption:5-7bar 100 L/min
Power Consumptions:4.5kw

1. Auto Vertical Rotational UV Screen Printing Machine锛寃hich is special designed for the plastic soft tube, caps ,jars and cups and so on.

2..It be designed compactly, built-in registration system(electable)銆乁V curing system or heater(electable).Maximum printing speed is 3,600 pcs per hour.The configured systems锛歅LC and touch screen systems, auto feeding and downloading systems, flaming system(double torches for special PP plastic),mechanical synchronous drive system,鈥淣o-piece-No-printing鈥漵ensor,銆mechanical fixing system for printing. be adopted the vertical rotating mechanical synchronous drive system锛寃ork-piece be rotated 360 degree to finish the printing; which becomes the high printing capacity line because the feeding system. The perfect design will satisfy many customers鈥 different requirement for the high quality products.</diameter褎<75mm;20mm

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